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Second Hand Equipment as an economical and sustainable alternative


In recent years it has become more and more important for all branches of the economy to produce more sustainably. In addition to the necessary use of resources, the machines used also play an important role. But which alternative is more sustainable: buying a new machine or buying a used machine?

The most sustainable alternative here is often the purchase of a used machine. The use of current technologies is usually cited as an argument in favor of a new purchase. But used machines and systems can also be brought up to the state of the art through an upgrade. Such a modernization will restore or improve the following functions:

  • Fail-safe, as the supply of spare parts is guaranteed again
  • User-friendly as it is intuitive to use
  • Safe, as it is state-of-the-art in security technology
  • Compliant, as it corresponds to the current regulations and standards
  • Energy-efficient, as all motors comply with the currently applicable standards
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Together with our partner, Pharma Maschinen, we can currently offer you the following used tablet presses:

Kilian Synthesis 500

  • 30 Stations Fette 441
  • Age: 2006
  • Completely Overhauled
  • TabControl Performance
  • Control Cabinet extern

Kilian S250

  • EU-B (various Turrets available)
  • Age: 1997
  • Completely Overhauled
  • TabControl Performance oder ECO
  • Control Cabinet intern
  • Optional: Hand Wheels motorized

Fette 2090

  • 40 Stations EU-B 35
  • Age: 1996
  • Completely Overhauled
  • TabControl Performance
  • Control Cabinet internal

Kilian E150 Plus

  • 32 Stations EU-B
  • Age: 2003
  • Cleaned and in Working Conditions
  • PLC and C50-V
  • Control Cabinet internal
  • Optional: Upgrade available

Fette 2200

  • 29 Stations Fette 441
  • Age: 2000
  • Cleaned and in Working Conditions
  • DataControl (OS2)
  • Control Cabinet extern
  • Optional: Upgrade available
Fette 1200

  • 20 Stations Fette 441 and 24 Stations EU-B
  • Age: 2012
  • Cleaned and in Working Conditions
  • Fette DataControl (Windows 7 / Version 4.2)
  • Control Cabinet intern
  • Optional: Upgrade available




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