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We aim to provide you with the services you need to get you ahead of the competition.

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We advise, develop and support you from the initial idea through to the finished system within a fair and open partnership. We impartially assess the available products on the market and operate independently of third-party interests. Our consultancy services are based on our extensive experience in product development, the success of our reconditioning and retrofitting projects, and on the many years of experience of our experts.


Humans can be a source of error within production especially as machines and systems become increasingly complex. Minor errors can have major effects on production costs, quality, health and the environment. Training courses are therefore indispensable for raising security in operating equipment.

We work together with you to develop training strategies, materials, and theoretical and practical exercises.

The following are examples of training courses we have already carried out:

  • Training for operators in tablet making
  • Training for technicians in maintenance and repair of automated systems
  • Training for the implementation and commissioning of our reconditioned products


Virtually every machine and system used for pharmaceutical production is computer-based. At the same time, the authorities and industry associations are paying greater attention to regulations and guidelines to be applied to such systems. The more complex a system, the more complex its validation. To keep costs and effort to a minimum, we work together with our automation-engineering experts to create efficient and inexpensive validation documentation.

Examples of projects in the area of computer system validation:

  • Establishment of GAMP compliant development standards
  • Supplier audits
  • Implementation of validation projects as part of our reconditioning work

Process optimisation

Efficient production requires the optimal interaction between a multitude of factors from the machine through to the operator. The basis of improving system efficiency is a detailed and documented analysis of the entire process. This covers not only the production process but also equipping, cleaning and especially the servicing of equipment. The analysis then serves as a basis for developing a system solution which then gradually undergoes implementation and optimisation. The result is an efficient and reliable system.

The following are examples of completed projects in process optimisation:

  • Raising the efficiency and optimising product feed in a tablet press
  • Development of a control function for the individual selection of tablets
  • Creation of web-based efficiency analysis software

System definition

New procurements are often associated with a complex process of decision making, decisions which need to be sustainable over the long term. At the same time, new technologies are being used for which no previous experience is available. We have knowledge of the new-machine market and can therefore impartially advise you on new procurements. In addition to technological requirements, price and availability also play a role. A realistic alternative to acquiring new machines, that may have long delivery times, are reconditioned pre-owned machines for the pharmaceutical industry. We work together with our partner, the Pharma Maschinen Handelsgesellschaft to advise you on the procurement of technically perfect pre-owned machines and equipment.

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